First of all, I am not a web designer, nor an internet geek, nor professional journalist, nor a great writer so apologize if some things lack in my website presentation or content, and feel free to contact me if you think something may be useful or if you want to correct me about some informations on this blog.

But let’s go to the point of this post, I want to share my experience about creating some contents online. It is really fun and instructive to surf the net and can also be useful nowadays to have a website, to share things or make a business. You can own a website for a small amount of money so do not hesitate, go on asap if you have a project.

What you have to decide now is whether you use a monthly paid service such as shopify or wix or you go for the open source with If you are autodidact and like to learn new things I recommend wordpress. I used shopify on the past and I am now using wordpress. Wouldn’t go back to shopify for sure. WordPress have more possibilties of design, customization, it is more creative and it is also cheaper on the long run. Shopify will make you pay 29$ monthly plus get a percentage on your sales if you have an online shop. Just go for wordpress.

So here are the different steps you will need to follow to have your own contents online:

  • Choose a name for what you are planning to do. Let’s take my example for this blog. I decided to run a blog about the area I am living in and all the informations to people planning to visit for the first time, who already are here and also the ones who wish to return and want to be informed about what is going on in Khaosan road or in Thailand. So I choose, because was not available and quite expensive to get from owner. Just choose a name related to your project and be open to adapt if this name is not available. To be honest the name is important but the most important things are your project, the content of your website and the energy you are willing to give for your project.
  • Register your domain name. Once you chose your domain name, check availability on a domain name registration provider. It can be, or whatever. I decided to go with for both domain name and hosting but you are free to choose the one you want and domain name and hosting can be different but siteground speed is great, customer service is top notch, I had many troubles and they were very patient and professional with me.
  • Choose a domain hosting or web hosting. This can be different from your domain name provider. I choose the easier and convenient way to have both to the same place. Some service will allow you to host 1 or multiple service. I remind you that I am not a webdesigner so I always choose the easiest way, so as a noob I didn’t choose the cheapest package which was for only 1 website and I didn’t choose the most expensive one “Growbig“.
  • Install worpress. Now you can do things manually by yourself or you can get the help of your hosting company. First, Siteground allow you to choose to choose a domain name, use an existing domain name or a temporary domain. Then, set up your site. Choose wordpress or wordpress+woocommerce if you want to have an ecommerce store. You should better choose worpress as other choice are just add-on plugins that may be added to your site later. After that choose to set up, let your domain name do the job and voilà your website is born.

Now you have access to the wordpress admin dashboard. You can choose a theme, some plugings can be added depending on your activity. You will need to learn about seo, social media and other knowledge to reach and communicate with as much people as possible.

Welcome to the digital world, hope you will enjoy your journey. Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to comment or contact me if you have some questions about this post, I will try to help you things done, but again, siteground customer and technical is awesome and if you choose them you won’t regret. If an old internet noob such as me can manage to have a website almost everyone can do it.